Contemplative Worship Team - April 9, 2023

Resurrection Sunday

"Jesus, in the plan of God, has opened the way to the highest states of consciousness. The Garden of Eden is both a memory of what could be and a preview of what is to come. In the Garden of the Resurrection the full revelation of the mystery of Christ is unveiled. And with that knowledge and experience, Mary reaches the third level of Contemplative payer, the abiding state of divine union, which is to see God giving himself in everything. This is the transformed consciousness of inner resurrection. And this is the Good News she was sent to announce to the apostles.... The Garden of Eden stands for a state of consciousness, not a geographical location. She is sent out of the garden, but with the abiding interior state the garden represents: the certitude of being loved by God, of loving him in return, and of God giving himself in every event and at every moment, both within and without. In this state, outside and inside are in harmony; they have become one. In the course of this conversation, the Ultimate Mystery becomes for Mary the Ultimate Presence, and the Ultimate Presence becomes the Ultimate Reality." -Thomas Keating

Scripture References: John 20:1, John 20:11-18

From Series: "Contemplative Worship"

Contemplative Worship with The Center for Christian Spirituality in Houston, Texas. A ministry of Chapelwood United Methodist Church

April 9, 2023 worship bulletin

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