Godly Play

Cultivating wonder, reverence, and awe in children.

Sundays, beginning September 26 during Contemplative Worship

Is the level of stillness and quiet in contemplative worship a barrier for your children?

Some children might find it difficult to participate in these activities for long periods of time, but are “aged out” of nursery care. So, how do you participate in contemplative worship and ensure your children get the spiritual support they deserve?

Your Children Will Love Godly Play! 

a Montessori-based curriculum, with roots in Houston, that has helped children cultivate wonder, reverence, and awe for decades.


Grow Spiritual Vocab

Growing their spiritual vocabulary builds a spiritual foundation that will serve them in all of life.


Foster Stillness & Silence

Children are offered developmentally appropriate ways to learn to be still and silent.

Learn the Biblical Story

We help children learn the Biblical story in ways consonant with contemplative spirituality.

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