Creative Space

Explore spirituality through creative expression.

Monthly on the 3rd Saturday | 9:00am – 12:00pm | The Anchor House

Sometimes you just need a new way to express our spirituality.

The ways you’ve been connecting with God feel like they’re falling flat and you’re not sure what to do. A new practice can tap into new aspects of yourself and your awareness of God.

Discover a Different Way to Explore Spirituality

Creative Space is a nurturing, encouraging gathering of people who come together to create art and spend time in personal reflection. You will get an opportunity to explore spirituality through creative expression, as well as to be creative in a setting that is intentionally designed to enhance the spiritual.


Open to All

Whether you’re a professional artist or never touched a colored pencil, you are welcome here.


You Don't Need Anything

All art supplies will be provided. All you need to do is just arrive with an open heart.

Process Over Product

This is about the individual personal process, not the final product. No pressure.

Explore the Creative Side of Your Spirituality

If you are post-high school age and interested in joining us. Complete the form below to register to join us.