Contemplative Worship Team - September 20, 2021

A Body Prayer for Ascension, Pentecost and Beyond

Today is the Feast of Ascension. We enter the liminal space between Ascension and Pentecost on May 31. This is a time of preparation, of waiting, to welcome the Spirit of the Christ within. As a contemplative practice, you might consider the following body prayer. Whenever you are able, go outside and face the East, the direction of Jerusalem and the rising sun. And pray something along these lines: 1. “With my feet grounded on earth” (sense your feet touching the earth, maybe also place your hands down by your sides facing the ground as if blessing the ground), 2. “And my head aware of heaven” (gaze at the sky and take in the sounds around you more consciously; you might gently lift your hands to the sky), 3. “I welcome the Spirit of Christ within my heart” (place hands over your heart; sense the beating of your heart; sense Presence in the region of your chest as you consciously inhale and exhale), 4. “That I might be a blessing in this world” (extend hands out to your sides as in the shape of a cross). 5. Amen.” (bring your hands back over your heart and together with hands in prayer.) You might do this each morning during the next 10 days to Pentecost. You could set certain times of your day you intend to practice this, such as for your morning prayer, midday prayer, and evening prayer. Or just whenever you are able to do this privately. How does this go for you? I’d love to hear anybody”field notes” as you practice.

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