Spiritual Dimensions of The Enneagram

Move beyond your type and embrace the abundance and loving nature of reality

A 2-Day Enneagram Workshop with Sandra Smith

January 20, 6:30 – 8:30PM & January 21, 9:00AM – 4:30PM

“The ultimate nature of all that exists is beneficent and loving, and we are each made out of, and are an expression of, that love.” Almaas

We can choose to live our lives with reverence or in neglect. How might we support ourselves in living more reverently?

There is much discussed and written about the psychological traits of the Enneagram types, but the spiritual dimension of the Enneagram, its “Holy Ideas” and Holy Virtues,” is less discussed. Moving from our type’s specific fears that bind us and its filters that blind us to the abundance and loving nature of reality takes awareness, presence, desire, and grace.

Enter and engage this workshop process with a willingness to examine, reflect, question, and with a commitment to be kind to yourself as you claim this time and your life as sacred. This claiming moves us toward appreciating where we are at any given moment without having to attain management of it. We accept and allow that is arising.

The rhythm and structure of this workshop are shaped to deepen inner awareness by cultivating presence and strengthening our connection to our inner observer. With our inner observer, we can more easily witness our internal processing that drives behaviors.  Developing more inner spaciousness between me and my thoughts and actions is the difference between automatic reaction and loving response. Discussions, experiential exercises, inquiry, and teachings related to the Holy Ideas, our enlightened spiritual perspectives, and to each type’s virtue will support our understanding of our lives as sacred.

Sandra Smith Enneagram Map

Meet Your Enneagram Teacher

Sandra Smith, MDiv, is a Certified Narrative Enneagram teacher and an IEA (International Enneagram Association) Accredited Professional. For over 20 years, Sandra has taught the Enneagram internationally as a tool for personal, professional, and spiritual development. She co-hosts the podcast, Heart of the Enneagram, which explores dimensions of the nine unique personalities by way of interviewing guests of all nine types. Since its release, the podcast has had over 325,000 downloads in 80 countries. She co-authored the podcast companion book: Heart of the Enneagram: A Companion for Deepening Personal and Spiritual Growth.

Spiritual Dimensions of the Enneagram

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram offers a clear map of nine distinct ego structures, their focus of attention, motivations beneath behaviors, core fears, and inherent strengths.

Rather than focusing on external behaviors as other systems do, the Enneagram brings to consciousness “why we do what we do” and indicates how we go on automatic.

As we deepen our self-awareness, we become less reactive, more curious, and more compassionate.

Understanding the nine different filters and motivations allows us to be more patient with differing points of view and lessen our judging.

Cost and Location

Early Bird Price is $125 per person and includes the cost of lunch on Saturday. 

Chapelwood United Methodist Church

Meet in “The Upper Room”
11140 Greenbay St.
Houston, TX 77024

From Lot C: enter Entrance 10. Upon entering, take the first doors to your left (or the elevator next to the doors) upstairs to the “Upper Room.”

From Lot B: enter Entrance 7. Upon entering, take your first left and walk down that hallway until you see the gym entrance. Then take a right down that hallway. You will begin to see signs for the Upper Room. Take a left to go up the stairs.

Our ushers will be stationed at both entrances and will help you find your way.

Map of Chapelwood UMC