Letting Go of the Scaffolding as We Wait for Pentecost

Song Lyrics: During this difficult time when we've been forced to shelter-in-place, it has been hard to be without the "scaffolding" and external supports that accompany congregational worship and community. In his meditation on Sunday, Pastor Michael Sciretti, Jr. shared that at the Living Christ's Ascension he gave his disciples (and us) a final teaching that they had to let go of the external support of his physical presence and prepare to receive the Inner Guide within. It's as if Christ was saying "once the building is built, the scaffolding is no longer necessary." What if we're in the right place and time for us to realize this truth for ourselves? Ultimately, we too need to let go of the scaffolding, the external supports, that are meant to train us to receive and recognize and be led by the Inner Christ.