A 2-Hour Virtual Enneagram Workshop

The Life-Changing Power and Complexity of the Enneagram Map

with Sandra Smith

Saturday, September 18, 2021 | 9:30 — 11:30am

We all have personal inner narratives and ways we go on “automatic,” which limit our capacity for living and loving fully. The Enneagram Map helps us build awareness of these patterns and narratives and provides a foundation for moving beyond them.

Deepen your self-awareness and become less reactive, more curious, and more compassionate by learning…


What the Enneagram is and is not


The 3 centers of intelligence


Presence practices


Strategies and steps for each of the 9 types to help shift from automatic to authentic living

The Enneagram helps you learn what makes you tick.

The Enneagram gives us the gift of a map of our inner landscape, revealing how our inner processing works and the drivers beneath our behaviors. Using the map, we begin to learn what makes us tick!

The Enneagram brings to consciousness “why we do what we do.” Many popular personality systems describe our behaviors. While this is useful information, only the Enneagram goes beneath behavior to the driving motivation, core fears, how we focus our attention. This deeper awareness of ourselves invites exploration and curiosity. Who am I if not my type?

During our time together, we’ll discuss some Enneagram basics, what the system is and is not, and engage in group discussion as well as presence practices. Without being present to ourselves, we can’t transform ourselves. Learning about the Enneagram is fun and fascinating, but this learning doesn’t change us. Join the
conversation as we discuss strategies and steps for each of the nine types to engage that can support inner shifting from automatic to authentic.

Sandra Smith Enneagram Map

Meet Your Enneagram Teacher

Sandra Smith, MDiv, is a Certified Narrative Enneagram teacher and an IEA (International Enneagram Association) Accredited Professional. For over 20 years, Sandra has taught the Enneagram internationally as a tool for personal, professional, and spiritual development. She co-hosts the podcast, Heart of the Enneagram, which explores dimensions of the nine unique personalities by way of interviewing guests of all nine types. Since its release, the podcast has had over 325,000 downloads in 80 countries. She co-authored the podcast companion book: Heart of the Enneagram: A Companion for Deepening Personal and Spiritual Growth.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram offers a clear map of nine distinct ego structures, their focus of attention, motivations beneath behaviors, core fears, and inherent strengths.

Rather than focusing on external behaviors as other systems do, the Enneagram brings to consciousness “why we do what we do” and indicates how we go on automatic.

As we deepen our self-awareness, we become less reactive, more curious, and more compassionate.

Understanding the nine different filters and motivations allows us to be more patient with differing points of view and lessen our judging.

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