Blessing of the Animals

Let’s give thanks for fur, feathers, and friendship in all its unique forms

Sunday, October 8 at 6:00 PM | Yard of The Anchor House

Hop, run or fly on over with your special pet friend for an individual blessing by pastors from the Center for Christian Spirituality at Chapelwood. Let’s give thanks for fur, feathers, and friendship in all its unique forms.

We will meet in the Yard of The Anchor House. Please park in Lot C off of Greenbay and follow the signs to the east.

All people and pets are welcome but please make sure all pets are either on a leash or in a carrier.

We will have a brief worship service and celebrating the unique relationship we have with our pets, and then each owner is invited to bring their pet forward for an individual blessing.

Blessing of the Animals Family Picture

Blessing of the Animals – Bulletin

Welcome & Explanation

Circle of Praise – A Version of Psalm 148

All dogs and cats, large and small: Praise the Lord!
All rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs: Praise the Lord!
All goldfish, guppies, and swimming creatures: Praise the Lord!
All robins, wrens, and singing birds: Praise the Lord!
All bats, squirrels, and raccoons: Praise the Lord!
All horses, cows, and sheep: Praise the Lord!
All lizards, snakes, and creeping things: Praise the Lord!
Every animal in the sky, the sea, and the forest: Praise the Lord!
All bees, butterflies, and flying creatures Praise the Lord!

Hymn of Praise

All creatures of our God and King,
Lift up your voice and with us sing
Alleluia! Alleluia!

Thou Brother Sun with golden beam,
Thou Sister Moon with silver gleam,
O praise God! O praise God!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

O Brother Wind, Air, Clouds, and Rain,
by which all creatures ye sustain,
O praise God! Alleluia!

Thou rising morn, in praise rejoice,
ye lights of evening, find a voice!
O praise God! O praise God!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!


Scripture Readings

And God said, ‘Let the earth bring forth living creatures of every kind: cattle and creeping things and wild animals of the earth of every kind.’ And it was so. God made the wild animals of the earth of every kind, and the cattle of every kind, and everything that creeps upon the ground of every kind. And God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:24-25

The Lord is good to all, and his compassion is over all that he has made. Psalm 145:9
The righteous know the needs of their animals, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel. Proverbs 2:10
‘Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.’ Matthew 5:7
Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Psalm 150:6

The Blessing of the Animals

Blessed are You, Lord God, maker of all living creatures.
You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land.
You inspired St. Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters.
We ask You to bless these, our pets.
By the power of Your love, enable them to live according to Your highest good for them.
May we always praise You for all Your beauty in creation.
Blessed are You, Lord our God, in all Your creatures! Amen.

At this time, bring your pets forward to receive a blessing and a treat. “Thanks be to God for _(pet’s name)_. May you be blessed with a long life, good health, and a happy home. Amen.”



Let all things their Creator bless,
And worship God in humbleness,
O praise God! Alleluia!
Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son,
And praise the Spirit, Three in One,
O praise God! O praise God!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Taking Faith Home

As a way to continue to bless your pet and other animals,
consider the following questions and try some of the following activities.

Caring Conversations

  • How have you experienced love through your pet? Has your pet ever seemed to serve as a “messenger” of God for you? How do you show love to your pet?



  • Read one or more of the scriptures used for this service. How does God value animals? How does this influence your view of animals other than your pet?


Rituals & Traditions

  • Each time you give your pet a treat, think of it as a way you are blessing your pet. Consider even saying some word of blessing to your pet as you give it a treat, such as “Bless you.”



  • St. Francis considered animals as his “brothers” and “sisters.” Try to treat the animals you encounter this week (other than your pet) as your “brothers” and “sisters.” How does it change you?
  • Wildlife Center of Texas ( lists several ways you can donate, including giving financially online as well as dropping off supplies.