Contemplative Worship Team - February 12, 2023

Freely Receive, Freely Give Week 6

"We all belong, we all live in a sacred space, and all of us have the capacity to open up that sacred space to another person who is broken, out of balance, or in pain…. To be able to open up a sacred space to another is a humbling experience, because one knows that something more powerful is at work: a grace, a gift from the Holy. One knows that one is not the source of the healing but rather a conduit carrying what might be called, in nontraditional language, a holy energy from a transcendent reality. Every person alive today has the capacity to become a healer and a conduit of the Holy." -Francis Geddes

Scripture References: Psalms 132:1-12, Matthew 9:35-38, Matthew 10:1, Matthew 10:7-8

From Series: "Contemplative Worship"

Contemplative Worship with The Center for Christian Spirituality in Houston, Texas. A ministry of Chapelwood United Methodist Church

Worship Bulletin February 12, 2023

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