A Map to Home

Revolutionary Enneagram Travels with Odysseus

A 4-week course with Logan Jones

Wednesdays, beginning September 28 | 6:30pm-8:00pm

A Map to Home

In life we all get stuck sometimes, and often it’s not even our fault. You might be stuck right at this very moment in an area of your life…

An Introduction to the Revolutionary Enneagram

In this workshop, Enneagram Coach and Spiritual Director Logan Jones will introduce you to the Revolutionary Enneagram and help you expand your own self-awareness of the nine personality styles and the nine points of view while providing insights that inspire greater self-awareness and compassion for fellow travelers. This offering is for those who simply want to learn a bit more about the Enneagram, those who think they know their type but are not sure what to do with this information, or those who are just looking to learn more about how they function when they’re stressed and at their best and what more there might be in the area of personal growth and self-awareness and how Coach Logan’s Revolutionary Enneagram can serve as a map to home.

In this 4-week course, you will gain


A greater awareness of the nine personality types and the nine points of view in general.


A deeper insight into understanding relationships-both with yourself and with others-and how to improve upon them by way of becoming more present to yourself personally, and to the others in your life interpersonally.


An understanding of how the Enneagram of Personality might be a helpful guide and a powerful tool in your inner-work and personal growth.

The Details

In preparation for this course, we encourage you to take one of two Enneagram Personality Typing Assessments; The Essential Enneagram or The Enneagram Institute’s RHETI test. We also have two required books for this class; The Essential Enneagram by David Daniels, M.D and Virginia Price Ph.D.,  and Travels with Odysseus by Michael Goldberg.

This is an online course. You will receive your web conferencing invitation once registered.