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Gastrochurch at The Center

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What do weekly dinners look like in your home? Is it crockpot dinners that slow cook all day while you’re at work? Is it something you’ve meal prepped from the weekend before? Is it take-out or leftovers from your favorite restaurant? Maybe a frozen pizza or package of ramen? Or is it a combination of whatever you feel like eating and whatever groceries you bought at HEB on Saturday? Or is it a nightly special made of ingredients from your area farmer’s market? 

And then who’s eating it with you? Are you alone on your couch in front of the tv? Or sitting at the kitchen table with family? Or are you playing hostess to friends and neighbors?

How many of us can say we sit down at a table on a regular basis and pass around a plate with entrees and sides that will make us feel warm and cozy inside? Even if you can answer, “Yes, I do!” Can you take it a step further… How many of us are sitting at a table, on a regular basis, passing around the plate with entrees and sides that make us feel warm and cozy, with SIX people (some who we may know and some we may not) that have might have different beliefs and backgrounds than us,  talking about something meaningful?

Gastrochurch is an experiment in intentional conversation about spiritual things over really good food. We’d love for you to join us for a “taste” of what this ministry does, how we do it, and why.

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(Friday) 7:00 pm


The Anchor House

11110 Greenbay St.